TNR is the practice of Capturing Ferals and or Orphaned or abandoned or lost Cats and bringing them to a local vet, low cost vet or municipal agency to be neutered or spayed and then kept overnight for a few days to be monitored while they recuperate and then placed for adoption or released back to their environment or if necessary relocated to a new one.

Some rescues are very convoluted. Many people are involved. While I was scoping my local Park for lost animals...these NYCHA employees and neighbors were rescuing a cat from a catch basin. They lassoed him from the cold dirty water below the street. As they were going to release him I stepped in and asked to take him to get adopted. I made some calls and after a network of animal caregivers I found a great home for this fluffy declawed, neutered adult cat. 

Some Rescues are all about one volunteer setting a few traps and making many trips with their limited car space to pre scheduled ACC transport Truck stops to have the animals transferred to a veterinary clinic early morning. Later that afternoon the same rescuer picks up the animals and stores them safely for aftercare while the medication wears off and wounds heal. They are then released or offered for adoption.